Our products

Our products

The automotive industry operates on a global basis. It also has close and interdependent links with other industry sectors, both up- and downstream, such as the steel and chemical industries or retailing, IT and logistics.

Involving as it does close cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers from an early stage of development right through to series production and delivery, as well as in the after-market, the automotive value chain is to a major degree dependent on the willingness of all parties involved to take an integrated approach.

Anyone wishing to work in this environment– and this applies in the area of consultancy perhaps more than anywhere – needs to show

  • a high level of enthusiasm for the industry, for the people who work in it and for its products,
  • a thorough understanding of relevant working methods and processes,
  • extensive knowledge of technologies, strategies or locations,
  • thorough insight into the “secrets” of the industry, and ultimately
  • sound judgement, enabling them to deliver reliable strategic advice.

AutoValue has in-depth knowledge of the automotive industry and is therefore able to offer products and consulting services that can truly add value for customers and other interested parties:

  • Closest contacts to the relevant decision makers in the automotive field
  • Strategic consulting
  • Restructuring, efficiency improvement and cost optimization
  • Interim management (incl. CEO and CFO)
  • Support for M&A and IPO-activities
  • Automotive expertise (markets, competitors, technologies, etc.)
  • ‘AutoValue Dienst’ – a newsletter by experts for experts