Innovation Management

AutoValue: Helping customers to create mobility of tomorrow

Digitalization and connectivity will be essential for the automotive business of the future. Data are already the core of connectivity, Big Data is the “new gold”. Software is the central nervous system of the industry.


The requirements of the infotainment society which the automobile has to fulfil are changing rapidly on a global scale. This leads to shorter innovation and lifecycles as well as agile production. Business models and processes are constantly challenged.


The automotive business as it worked successfully decades long, is less calculable today. Regions break off, customer behaviour changes. The still remaining question is, how mobility will look like and consequently how the car of the future has to be engineered. Finally, the R&D departments with an even higher importance of electronic an IT will give answers to that questions.


AutoValue is well prepared for these changes through additional know how and engineering expertise in these fields.

Options – Know How:

  • Innovation management
  • Electronics and car IT
  • Connectivity (car2car and car2infrastructure)
  • Drivers assistant systems
  • Integrated / parallel product and production development – flexible modular architectures
  • Reproducible quality through standardised and software-based processes.
  • Alternative propulsion systems, like e-mobility, fuel cells, etc.
  • “Autonomous Driving” (contacts with Lidar specialists in Silicon Valley)


  • Personnel by Dr.-Ing. W. Runge: Development, Electronics, Connectivity, Processes
  • Content by networking of industrialization and development