The team

The team

Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk

Founder and Managing Partner AutoValue GmbH
Automotive Consultant

  • 40 years of experience in the German and international automotive industry
  • comprehensive network of business, financial sector and political contacts
  • experience as Plant Manager in Mannheim and President Mercedes-Benz do Brazil
  • former member of the Board of Management of Mercedes-Benz AG, responsible for the worldwide Commercial Vehicle business
  • various supervisory board roles and executive directorships in Germany and abroad (primarily supplier industry) in
    • listed companies: Schaeffler AG, Compagnie Plastic Omnium, Jost Werke AG
    • supplier industry: Woco Group
    • in enterprise costing company: Facton GmbH
    • former board memberships: Delphi Corp., Voith AG, Fuchs Petrolub AG, ThyssenKrupp Steel AG
  • Senior Advisor or Chairman Germany of key institutions in the financial sector

Professor Dr. Bernd Gottschalk may be reached at

Dr. Ralph Onken

  • actively involved in the automotive industry for 18 years
  • high level of specialist project expertise (including industrialisation, joint ventures, due diligence, etc.)
  • particular understanding of the component and supplier sector (esp. axles and transmissions)
  • experience with overseas projects, esp. China, Russia, India
  • wide-ranging experience as Management Board Member of various overseas subsidiaries in e.g. Iran, Nigeria etc. for many years

Dr Ralph Onken may be reached at

Wendelin Wolbert

  • more than 35 years experience in the automotive industry (Daimler), thereof more than 17 years in Level 1 position
  • broad knowledge, especially in the areas sales, strategy, controlling and procurement
  • more than 30 years international expert knowledge in examination and execution of complex projects, i.g. merger and acquisitions, industrializations, cooperations, Board of Director memberships, restructuring and turn around management
  • more than 10 years international experience in leading global organisations in the areas of Controlling and Procurement at group level
  • former president of Daimler Commercial vehicles China. More than 15 years experience (thereof 6 years as former president of Daimler commercial vehicles China located in Beijing) in various China projects especially in establishment, negotiation und leading of Joint Ventures.

Thomas Bade

  • more than 20 years experience in the German and Global Automotive Industry,
  • therof more than 10 years first level and or CEO/COO functions
  • more than 10 years strategy- and sales & marketing-consulting
  • broad automotive know how with special focus on sales, marketing, aftersales and financial services
  • more than 10 years experience in intercultural work (USA, France, UK, Japan, Korea Czech Republic) and with international M & A deals and cooperations
  • broad experience in restructuring and performance improvement
  • long years of experience in global planning and steering

Thomas Bade may be reached at

Siegfried Bruckner

  • more than 40 years experience in the automotive industry (OEM and sales organization)
  • profound experience in project management, restructuring and turn around management
  • broad experience in marketing- and sales-systems
  • operative knowledge in finance and controlling
  • many  years of experience in operational management of sales subsidiaries  
  • wide-ranging experience in leading national and international sales-organizations
  • specified knowledge of restructuring-processes of sales-organizations

Siegfried Bruckner may be reached at

Wolfgang Widlewski

  • more than 30 years experiences in German and international Automotive Industries , passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, trailers (OEM and Supplier)
  • former CFO of Daimler Northeast-Asia (Beijing)
  • more than 9 years experiences in foreign countries, especially in China and South Korea with local Joint Venture partners.
  • profound experiences in restructuring and turn around management
  • distinctive capability in global product projects
  • long-standing mandates in supervisory boards in Asia

Klaus Wendlandt

  • more than 20 years experience in the international automotive supplier industry
  • in over 22 years five M&A transactions partly on the buyer, partly on the seller side successfully completed
  • working experience of more than 24 years in different functions in finance departments
  • ergo: profound and operative knowledge in Controlling, Accounting, Treasury and Tax
  • comprehensive experience (CFO and CRO) in turnaround and restructuring situations in public listed companies, family-owned businesses and PE-owned portfolio companies

Peter Schabert

  • more than 30 years experience in the German and international Automotive Industry (OEM)
  • many years of experience in the operational management of several plants (OEM)
  • CEO of a Joint Venture in China
  • pronounced knowledge in the design of a production chain
  • successfull design and implementation of efficiency programs
  • comprehensive knowledge in engine production and design

Bettina Kupferberg

Automotive Research

  • holds a degree in Economics
  • many years of industry association experience
  • expert in market analyses and statistical evaluation
  • close links to a circle of experts with wide-ranging expertise across the automotive industry

Bettina Kupferberg may be reached at

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Runge

  • über 27 Jahre Tätigkeit in der deutschen und internationalen Automobilindustrie
  • ausgeprägtes Netzwerk in der Automobilindustrie, insbesondere Entwicklung (Antrieb/Fahrwerk/Elektrik/Mechatronik). Vorsitz des Programmbeirates der VDI-Tagung „Elektronik im Kraftfahrzeug“ (1400 Teilnehmer – weltweit größte Tagung zur Automobilelektronik)
  • ehem. Mitglied der Geschäftsführung der ZF Lenksysteme GmbH. Davor Leiter Gesamtentwicklung Elektrik/Mechatronik/Software der ZF-Friedrichshafen AG
  • sehr breites automobiles Wissen zu Unternehmensführung, strategischer Technologie- und Produktentwicklung sowie Technik, Einkauf und Vertrieb. Goldene Daimler-Benz-Maybach Ehrenmedaille des VDI für „Verdienste zur Entwicklung der Mechatronik im Automobil“. Seit 1986 15 Preisträger u.a. Prof. Fiala, Prof. Lenz, Prof. Förster, Dr. Schubert
  • Aufsichtsratstätigkeit bei Toolzulieferer
  • Aufbau internationaler Kundenbeziehungen und Neugeschäfte. Verantwortung für internationale Projekte und Entwicklungsstandorte
  • Produktstrukturierung in Entwicklung, Fertigung und Einkauf (Modularer Lenkungsbaukasten)
  • strategische Ausrichtung, Restrukturierung- und Turnaround–Management auf Basis innovativer Technologien und Produkte.

Thomas Stoeckel

  • über 25 Jahre Erfahrung in der Automobil- und der Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie
  • ehemaliges Geschäftsführungsmitglied der EvoBus GmbH und Daimler Buses
  • über 3 Jahre Erfahrung in der Management- und Insolvenzberatung in verschiedenen Projekten
  • umfassende Kenntnisse im Bereich der Unternehmensplanung, M&A Projekten
  • und Restrukturierungsprojekten inklusive Insolvenzmanagement
  • Erfahrungen mit Auslandsprojekten insb. USA, China, Brasilien, Türkei, europäische Region
  • langjährige Mitgliedschaft in Boards verschiedener Inlands- und Auslandsgesellschaften

Tom Graf

  • more than 20 years actively involved in the automotive supply industry
  • active as CEO and CRO in larger industrial mid-caps since more than 30 years
  • more than 25 years of experience in successful restructuring, turnaround and change management
  • implementation of comprehensive and global control and management systems
  • since 30 years Broad experience in structuring company financing, partially in critical situations and with international banking consortia and PE
  • responsible for more than 15 M&A-projects (sell and buy, MBO)
  • long lasting experience in family owned businesses
  • MBA, languages German, English and French



with a further team of staff, all of whom are characterised by their considerable experience in the automotive industry, in most cases themselves having held management responsibility.