Value enhancement strategies

The financial and economic crisis 2008/2009 and the current pressure on competitiveness have once again made an existential issue out of the need to effect efficiency improvements and optimisation along the whole value chain. The success of strategies for profitable growth and improvement of Free Cash Flow depends on efficiency and competitive cost structures in an international comparison.

What we offer:

  • Benchmarking analyses
  • Strategies for improving efficiency and performance
  • Purchasing process optimisation and procurement strategies
  • “Make or buy” decision-making
  • Restructuring, site selection and production location optimisation
  • Overhead cost value strategies, working capital optimisation, etc.
  • Technology trend analyses

We only work with a team of experts, without “juniors”. If necessary, we work with external partners depending on the specifics of a particular project, in order to be able to deliver the right solution to a problem. We have managed to turn around businesses of suppliers who were in critical situations, created profitable growth and supported their global presence.